Patient Registration

Thank you for contacting us for your treatment.  In an effort to decrease your wait time in our office we ask that you take a few minutes and provide us some information.  At this point you should have already called us and set a time for your appointment.  If not, give us a call first before proceeding.  If you have already made an appointment with us then please continue on with the registration process. The following steps will ask you to review some documents prior to your visit.  These documents are for you to review now and if you have any questions you can either give us a call or ask us in person on the day of your appointment.  The following documents are for you to simply read through now and then on the day of your appointment you will sign to acknowledge you have read them.  

The documents you are about to view include:

After viewing the above documents you will be asked to enter your personal information (including health history) and insurance information. If you have dental insurance we will contact them and check your benefits.  The insurance company will give us an estimate of what your out of pocket cost will be.  We then call you back and pass that information on. We then ask that you come prepared to pay that amount the day of your treatment.

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